"What a great dose of sanity the wind in the willows is."

"The Rat was sitting on the river bank, singing a little song. He had just composed it himself, so he was very taken up with it, and would not pay proper attention to Mole or anything else. Since early morning he had been swimming in the river, in company with his friends the ducks. And when the ducks stood on their heads suddenly, as ducks will, he would dive down and tickle their necks, just under where their chins would be if ducks had chins, till they were forced to come to the surface again in a hurry, spluttering and angry and shaking their feathers at him, for it is impossible to say quite all you feel when your head is under water. At last they implored him to go away and attend to his own affairs and leave them to mind theirs. So the Rat went away, and sat on the river bank in the sun, and made up a song about them, which he called `DUCKS' DITTY.' "

Ο τίτλος είναι ένα από τα σχόλια στο youtube, το κέιμενο αντιγραφή από το ebook. Μου τα θύμισε το παπάκι με τα πέδιλα. Καλώς το καλοκαίρι.